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Mystery Shopping

Retail audits are probably the best way to get information on the sales of a product or brand, but mystery shoppers are arguably better if you want to learn how to run a better business. A mystery shopper can help improve your customer service, check your staff’s performance, survey your competitors and learn what your customers really expect from your business. This in turn will help improve your store’s image and improve sales overall. Most importantly, it increases accountability for your employees; they are far more likely to work to the best of their ability if they know a manager is watching them; having someone who for all they know could be any customer is far more likely to see how they are more likely to perform.

Finding the Right Mystery Shopping Program

In theory, the idea of having a mystery shopper walk through your store and gather data sounds simple enough, but it is more complicated than it seems. A good mystery shopping program will need to be able to gather the proper data on sales and customer satisfaction, and that requires someone with a lot of knowledge and experience about retail merchandising. It also helps to have a third party perform this duty as they will be likely to see things that a company employee might miss. This is why it’s so important to find the right mystery shopping solution for your business; there is simply too much you can learn about your business from it.

As M3 Merchandising strives to be a leader in the retail merchandising industry, it has developed an excellent and comprehensive secret shopping program that will suit practically any business. Our staff has the knowledge and experience to gather the proper data to make a secret shopping program a worthwhile investment. To learn more about our secret shopping service or to request a quote, contact M3 Merchandising today.

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