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M3 is dedicated to real time reporting, which means you will never have to wait long for inventory audits, pricing audits or data from our merchandisers. We know how fast the retail industry can move, so we will never keep you waiting for the data you need.

Real Time Reporting

M3 is committed to providing only the highest quality merchandising solutions to its clients locally and nationally, which is why we employ only the most dedicated professionals. Their in-depth knowledge and close retail relationships allow for a quick turnaround and accurate results for all of our clients.

Dedicated Professionals

No two retailers are alike, which is why M3 provides custom solutions and services to all of our clients. Let us know what you need for your business, and we will deliver.

Custom Retail Solutions


Welcome to M3 Merchandising, we pride ourselves as being one of the most reliable retail merchandising companies in the merchandising industry. We provide the best merchandising solutions to local, regional and national clients. Our mission is to be a leader in the merchandising industry by building long-standing relationships with retailers across the country and providing unsurpassed services to our clients.

The key to our services is in the merchandising professionals that we employ as part of our team. These merchandising experts have quickly established themselves as a hard-working group who will always go the extra mile to meet tight deadlines and adapt to any work environment. We also offer custom retail solutions to fit your business’s every need.

M3 Merchandising is striving to be the leader in the retail merchandising industry. Contact us today to find out how we can help your business succeed.

Why Choose M3 Merchandising

The thing that makes M3 Merchandising stand out among other retail merchandising companies is our commitment to providing the highest quality merchandising solutions to our clients, whether they be locally owned stores or national supermarket chains. Our team of professionals always strive to build close relationships with our clients, and they will do everything they can to meet tight deadlines and adapt to many different work environments. They do all of this while providing customized solutions that utilize the latest in retail merchandising technology.

Merchandising Services to Meet Your Business’s Needs

M3 Merchandising offers a wide variety of services to meet your store’s needs. Our customized retail merchandising solutions include:

We also provide data collection services that include audits and mystery shopping programs. All of the data that we collect is reported in real-time.

Most importantly, M3 Merchandising is committed to exceeding expectations and forming long-lasting relationships with our clients. It is that dedication to quality and client satisfaction that will establish M3 as the leading retail merchandising company.


2500 Main Street, Suite 111
Tewksbury, MA 01876

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